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What is Wishraiser?

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Wishraiser is a platform that helps non-profit organisations finance their charitable projects with high social impact. At Wishraiser we want to make donating fun and therefore those who donate on Wishraiser can win dream experiences.

We involve large communities of enthusiasts in our charity campaigns and from all donors we draw one to win the exclusive prize.

What are you waiting for, make your donation. With Wishraiser, who donates wins.

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We are Wishraiser
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We have invented a new way to support charitable causes.
Some numbers about us

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Answering your questions

What is Wishraiser Contest?

Wishraiser Contest is Wishraiser's portal dedicated to charity contests. On Wishraiser Contest you can support great causes and win dream experiences.

What is Wishraiser?

Wishraiser is a new way to donate: simple, intuitive and smart. All you need is a small monthly contribution to support a non-profit organisation and have the chance to win a prize of your choice every month. If you win, you choose the prize.

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